I am a qualified Town Planning Consultant and began working at Development Certification Pty Ltd whilst completing my studies in 2010. I have a Bachelor degree in Planning from James Cook University. I strongly believe the building and development industry is a collaborative body of professionals who, by working together and facilitating good development practices, can make our country the most liveable in the world. My role is to help consolidate Town Planning and Building Certification within Development Certification to ensure our clients are provided with the industry knowledge required for successful development.
Assessment under the previous planning scheme

Superseded Planning Scheme Assessment

A shiny new planning scheme has come into effect and everyone is excited about how the changes will improve the process for development within their council area. But wait, your development/construction project’s level of assessment has changed, which could ultimately affect the approval requirements. So, what does this mean for your project and how can the superseeded planning scheme help?

List of possible development approvals

Compliance Assessment

Congratulations! You’ve just received your Material Change of Use (MCU) approval from the council for your building project and you’ve subsequently applied for building approval with your building certifier. Seeing as you already have planning approval, it should be all smooth sailing from here right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

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