I am a graduate from the University of New England with a Bachelor in Urban and Regional Planning, and have been working with Devcert since July 2012. My role as a Town Planner is to reconcile competing development and environmental goals to create a sustainable building environment. I also inform and implement planning regulations as well as work to provide solutions for our clients so that they can achieve the most desired outcome for their development projects.
plumbing and drainage approval

Plumbing and Drainage Approvals

Plumbing and drainage approval was a lot simpler in the good old days. The main requirements were location, location, location – preferably downwind from the house. Thankfully, this method has long since been buried in the history books and sewer and septic systems have taken their place. Of course, along with these modern systems came new legislations and requirements. Here is The Oil Stone’s simple break down of what you need to know.