Applying the BCA

The ABC of the BCA

This phrase “ABC of the BCA” is a simple but memorable one that I made up years ago. As a building certifier it has become an incredibly useful tool and has helped me to do my job well, every day. It does not matter if you are just starting a design, if you are halfway through a design, if you are looking at a building under construction, or if you are inspecting a fully completed building. If you apply this simple “ABC of the BCA” rule, you will begin to easily establish what you need to know and where to find it.

Applying previous building legislation

Will tomorrow’s rules impact your design today?

Let’s look at another hypothetical situation: You’ve just completed the design of your development project. All costing has been finalised, the project has an agreed budget, and the landowner is happy and has signed off on the design.

But wait, building assessment provisions have suddenly changed. This means a major redesign of the development, an increase in the project’s budget, and most likely, an unhappy client. So what do you do?

Building Assessment Provisions

The Building Assessment Provisions below are found in Section 30 of the Building Act 1975.

The Building Assessment Provisions are the list of provisions that building works is assessed against for compliance in Queensland.

Building Assessment Provisions

  • Integrated Development Assessment System (IDAS)
  • Chapter 3 and 4 of the Building Act 1975
  • The fire safety standard (section 217 of the Building Act 1975)
  • The Standard Building Regulation 2006 or other regulation made under the Building Act 1975;
  • The Building Code of Australia.
  • The Queensland Development Code (QDC). Subject to section 33 of the Building Act 1975
  • Any relevant local law, planning scheme provision or resolution made under section 32 or 33 of the Building Act 1975.
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