Documentation of Decisions

Documentation of Decisions

Decisions made under the BCA should be fully documented and copies of all relevant documentation should be retained.

Examples of the kind of documentation which should be prepared and retained include:

(a) Details of the Building Solution including all relevant plans and other supporting documentation.
(b) In cases where an Alternative Solution has been proposed:

(i) details of the relevant Performance Requirements; and
(ii) the Assessment Method or methods used to establish compliance with the relevant Performance Requirements; and
(iii) details of any Expert Judgement relied upon including the extent to which the judgement was relied upon and the qualifications and experience of the expert; and
(iv) details of any tests or calculations used to determine compliance with the relevant Performance Requirements; and
(v) details of any Standards or other information which were relied upon.

*Extract from the Building Code of Australia (BCA) – Introduction

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