Hunter Design Contraint Reports

Hunter design constraint reports are a property search service which provides comprehensive information about your specific building site. By getting a Hunter report, required approvals and design constraints will be identified and detailed. Hunter is a tool that is now available to builders, building designers, architects, landowners, prospective land buyers or any person interested in the development constraints associated with a parcel of land and the impact of these constraints.


Hunter tells you the implications of

Planning Scheme Provisions

Statutory Covenants

Applicable Design Codes

Design and Siting Requirements

Bushfire and Flood Requirements

Location of Services and Easements

Transport Noise Corridor Requirements

Local Government Acoustic Requirements

The Hunter property search report puts all this into a simple easy to read report.


Hunter is an initiative of Devcert. As building certifiers we know the one common complaint from clients about the approval process is, they always find out too late that there are problems associated with planning, sewers, noise transport corridors, bushfire etc.

To get a Hunter report for your project or development click HERE and complete the on-line form.

If you would like to understand how the issues above can affect development, read our story Building Cost Saving Tips.  It goes through these issues in detail.

If you have any questions please give our staff a call on 1300 338 237 as they will be only too happy to help.