Applying previous building legislation

Will tomorrow’s rules impact your design today?

Let’s look at another hypothetical situation: You’ve just completed the design of your development project. All costing has been finalised, the project has an agreed budget, and the landowner is happy and has signed off on the design.

But wait, building assessment provisions have suddenly changed. This means a major redesign of the development, an increase in the project’s budget, and most likely, an unhappy client. So what do you do?

List of possible development approvals

Compliance Assessment

Congratulations! You’ve just received your Material Change of Use (MCU) approval from the council for your building project and you’ve subsequently applied for building approval with your building certifier. Seeing as you already have planning approval, it should be all smooth sailing from here right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

What is a building certifier

What is a Building Certifier?

A Building Certifier is a professional person with broad knowledge and experience in building legislation, design, materials and construction. A Building Certifier is not necessarily specialists in any particular building field other than the law, and are rather like the General Practitioners of the building industry.

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