Pool safety fencing

Want to relax by the pool? Then make pool fencing laws work for you.

Pool fencing rules and regulation save lives every day. However, as a building certifier I never cease to be surprised at the negative attitudes towards them. If you are looking for a way to get around pool fencing laws, this story is not for you.

Swimming pools accounted for 61% of all swimming deaths between the ages of 0-4 according to the 2013 National Drowning report. Despite this statistic, people are always complaining about pool fencing and trying to find ways around the regulations.

The fact of the matter is that if you want a pool you have to get your priorities right and accept what the community expects of you.

When you have a pool fence, the probability of your pool’s accessibility does not rely on your memory, habits, or current conditions. Pool fencing is ready for the unexpected and works for you all the time 24/7. That’s right, it is working for YOU!

For example:

 Pool fencing is there when you are not

•  Pool fencing does not rely on your memory

  Pool fencing is there for YOU when you are:

• Having 40 winks

 Nicking down the shop

 Having a chat to the neighbour

 Dropping the kids to a movie

 Gone fishing

 Putting your feet up

 Being rushed to hospital because of an accident or sickness

 Having a barbie

 Passed out drunk

 Crook as a dog

Every day I see people trying to design a fence around a pool instead of designing the pool around the fence. With yards getting smaller and houses getting bigger, pools are being squeezed onto property sites and the fencing is coming last of all. No wonder it is such a headache.

Building a pool fence does not have to be so difficult. You don’t have to build an obtrusive fort around your pool for it to comply with safety regulations. You just have to approach construction in the right way and at the right time – by making it part of your design not an afterthought.

Pool fencing saves lives and is therefore more important than the actual pool itself. So, before you start designing your pool talk to one of our building certifier’s at Development Certification, know the rules and how they will effect the design of your pool area and keep the fence as your priority. Then you can simply drop your pool in to the plan, and all your fencing problems will simply wash away.


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