Subdividing land

Subdividing Land

“I’m thinking of subdividing land.  I have spare land at the back of my property and looking at the option of subdividing to make some money, can I do that?” is a question many land owners ask, and a question Town Planners deal with everyday.  The answer to subdividing land is generally yes, but not without quite a few hurdles to jump over first.


Subdividing land is now referred to as “Reconfiguring of a Lot” which is the subdivision of 1 or more lots to create new lots.  A Boundary Realignment is where you may have 2 or more lots and wish to re-position their boundaries to create better property dimensions for future development.

Firstly you need to engage a Town Planner and discuss your proposal.   There are a number of steps required before your new property is ready for sale.  Your Town Planner will be able to advise and assist you with these steps.

  1. Apply for Reconfiguring of a Lot approval to your local Council.
  2. Receive reconfiguration approval and ensure conditions are appropriate and achievable.
  3. Engage engineer for design and application of the required Operational Works.
  4. Carry out construction of all operational works and connection of services including electricity and telecommunications.
  5. Engage cadastral surveyor for the official survey plan.
  6. Pay any outstanding fees associated with the property/s (including Infrastructure Charges, rates etc).
  7. Conduct Compliance Assessment to have the Survey Plan signed off by your local Council.
  8. Submit final Survey Plan for registration to Department of Natural Recourses and Mines (Title Office).

As the shift from urban sprawl to infill development occurs across Australia, more land owners are looking at subdividing their residential lots for short-term financial gain.  Ensure appropriate discussions are had with your Town Planner, Engineer and Surveyor to avoid unexpected costs and hurdles in the overall process.

If you have further questions about reconfiguration and the application process please contact us via email to speak to one of our Town Planners.

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