Hunter Property Search Report

Hunter Property Search – Let Hunter do the leg work

In building, as with real estate, it is all about “location, location, location!” Unfortunately, this means something entirely different for our industry, mostly related to a lot of extra leg and ‘head’ work.

Throughout the years of working with a variety of clients over a range of projects, there has been one consistent and common complaint – finding out too late in the design and approval process about restrictions imposed due to planning requirements, underground services and other unknown controls .

To remedy this, DEVCERT has developed an exclusive cost effective service called HUNTER that will provide this important development information in one easy to read report that can be ordered on-line.

HUNTER is essentially a property search service that provides comprehensive information about your specific building site.

HUNTER removes the guess work and is readily available to builders, building designers, architects, landowners, prospective land buyers, and any person interested in knowing the design constraints applicable to a parcel of land.

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I am a Director of Devcert and have been a Building Surveyor since 1989. I have a bachelor degree in building surveying and I am a qualified carpenter. I have been in the construction industry since 1981. I have a real passion for the building certification profession as I believe building certifiers are the general practitioners of the construction industry. Our role is not only to know building law and apply it, our role includes assisting in the development of the knowledge of all in the industry by sharing our knowledge and experience.